F1 Cheers and Boos

Well what a race. There was always a feeling that this years Canadian GP was going to be a cracker, but with a bit of inclement weather thrown in, it turned into a marathon battle. Incident packed, strategic, controversial, but above all a thrilling spectacle.

Yes, the TV stations were left having to fill a 2 hour lull in proceedings whilst we waited for the rain to subside, but thank goodness when it eventually did get going again the excitement rose and rose until a last lap battle and an unexpected victory for Jenson Button.

However with such a fantastic show, it seems to have been forgotten that before the race even started the crowd had turned on F1.

On Sunday everything was set for a thrilling race. The cars ready on the grid, celebrities paraded around the paddock, drivers raring to go and the champagne put on ice. Then a hammer blow to the loyal fans in the grandstands, whilst soaked to the skin, learnt that they have to watch the race start behind the safety car.

The news was greeted with loud boos, thumbs turned down, and some fans even leaving the circuit before the drama started.

I understand that Charlie Whiting, who`s decision it was, has a great weight on his shoulders and has to consider safety, but F1 also has to consider entertainment. That is why it exists, to entertain 200 million people worldwide and 100,000 fans sitting in the grandstands.

These are the best 24 drivers in the world. Drive to the conditions. The same as the rest of us do on a miserable day. We all manage to get to work when the heavens open!

F1 has now set a precedent. From this point forward there will not be another wet F1 start. How can there be? The drivers will look back and say,` but hey in Canada we started behind the safety car Charlie`

I agree that the race should have been red flagged eventually, and re-started after the deluge, but to take away a fascinating race start from the fans was very sad.

Entertainment is what we want. And how we have had our fair share in 2011.

But, we are now 6 races into this season and Sebastian Vettel not only leads the Championship but also tops the list for number of laps lead. In second place is not Hamilton, Button, Webber or even Alonso, but a man not even in the F1 Championship; Bernd Maylander, driving the F1 Safety Car!